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Let Creativity Fly

Tello EDU is an impressive and programmable drone perfect for education. You can easily learn programming languages such as Scratch, Python, and Swift. Programming has never been this fun with Tello EDU!

You can program multiples Tello EDUs simultaneously through one device. Use code to control a swarm of Tello EDUs, have them fly over Mission Pads, and perform flips and other acrobatic movements. Improve your programming skills while pushing the limits of your creativity!

Mission Pads are a fantastic asset for increased programming precision. Program with the specific information within each Mission Pad to expand your options and push the limits of Tello EDU. Control a swarm of Tello EDUs, and bring your imagination to life.

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With STEAM and robotics becoming increasingly critical elements of a modern education, it is important for students to develop a passion and foundation in these subjects at an early age. As an innovative leader, DJI is working to combine advanced technology and education, making STEAM more relevant and exciting to young people around the world.

Conceived and created by DJI, RoboMaster is the most innovative robot technology project in China; a robotics platform for a wide range of activities such as robot competitions, campus ecology, and engineering culture. With more than 20,000 college students participating all around the world each year, RoboMaster is ready to stir up a robot technology revolution.

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