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Mini Drones

Find the Best One for You

Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, DJI mini drones feature signature technologies and impressive stabilized frames. They are perfect for novices looking to practice their piloting skills. Their smaller sizes also mean they can be flown indoors, whizzing down narrow corridors, and performing delicate maneuvers with ease. Discover which mini drone will set your adventure free!

Which DJI Mini Drone Suits You?

Tello: Fun mini drone

8D Flips
HD 720P Camera
13-min Max Flight Time
100m Max Transmission Range
STEM Coding

Weighing in at 80 g comes the lightweight champion, the Ryze Tech Tello. This drone has been manufactured by Ryze Tech and features advanced DJI flight technology. Equipped with a brilliant 5MP camera, Tello is a remarkably agile drone that adds a whole new dimension to your selfie game.

Fun flying modes include Throw & Go, 8D Flips, and Bounce Mode, making Tello the perfect interactive companion for both kids and adults alike. VR headset compatibility also makes it the ideal mini FPV drone.

Spark: Selfie drone

12 MP Photo
Gesture Control

Wake up to new possibilities every day with the DJI Spark! A great option for drone enthusiasts or travelers with a thirst for spontaneous adventure, Spark features a 12MP camera and is capable of recording effortlessly smooth 1080p 30fps video thanks to its mechanical 2-axis gimbal. Maneuvering has never been easier, and PalmControl enables you to fly Spark using only hand gestures — take a selfie by making a square with your fingers!

Spark proudly exhibits DJI’s signature technologies, making this little drone a fantastically useful companion. QuickShots such as Rocket, Dronie, Circle, and Helix upgrade your selfies with stunning video effects.

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Tello: Fun mini drone

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Spark: Selfie drone

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Mavic Air: Travel drone

Mini Drone Applications

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Fly Indoors

Learn how to fly in the comfort of your own surroundings. Thanks to their brilliant compact sizes, mini drones can perform captivating maneuvers and other impressive aerial stunts. Perform delicate maneuvers while whizzing around indoor environments and learn more about the essential tips for flying Spark indoors.

FPV Racing

Unleash a world of fast-paced racing and experience impressively agile and responsive FPV flight. Thanks to the captivating Sport mode and incredibly responsive maneuvering, mini drones empower you to conquer the skies!


Be the coolest kid on the block! ActiveTrack and impressive photography modes take your selfies to impressive new heights. Packed with immersive features and creative possibilities, you have your own personal photographer at your command. Discover cool drone tricks and learn how to wow your friends with your cool drone selfies.

Learn How to Fly

Soar through the skies with confidence. Mini drones offer the perfect opportunity for novices to practice their piloting skills. Their impressive maneuverability and practical flight times provide beginners with great practice sessions. Start your journey with 15 tips for beginner drone pilots.